Cockroaches Treatment

Science Behind:

Gel and spray treatment:

  • Pest Guru Gel is applied in closed cabinet areas, under tables, door hinges & in drawers.
  • An odorless spray will be sprayed in all open areas such as window frames, balconies, bathrooms etc.

Benefits with Pest Guru:

  • A completely odourless, hassle-free and safe cockroach pest control service for elders, kids, pets and persons with allergy
  • No need to empty out your kitchen in our cockroach control service.
  • Long-lasting and a highly efficient cockroach treatment

Our Commitments:

  • Yearly cockroach pest control comes with yearlong protection assurance.
  • Single service Cockroach pest control comes with a 3 months warranty.

Get Premium Cockroaches Treatment

Do you know Cockroaches are older than human beings? They have been around since the ages of dinosaurs. They are tough creatures as is evident from the longevity of their species. Cockroaches can live without food for almost a month. Around 4000 species of cockroaches can be found on the planet. They prefer a warm environment and thus can be found in and around homes. They crawl through dirty places and can contaminate food which can trigger quite a few diseases.

We at Pest Guru know the Art and Science of cockroaches Treatment and always there to give 360 protection to your home or office from various types of cockroaches. We always committed to using an eco-friendly treatment process that is 100% safe for your Family members and pets. So if you are looking for a Onestop Solution for cockroaches issues in the area of Gurugram, Nodia, Delhi, Dwarka and all nearby locations. Just give us a call.



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